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Alkali Creek Nature Trail

photo nature trail at Alkali Creek

Not only is the Alkali Creek Trailhead an access point for the Centennial Trail – it has a nice Nature trail too.  The trail is just over one-half mile long, however in that short distance you will walk through prairie, forest and back to Alkali Creek.

I think this a prefect trail for getting small children used to hiking.  The trail is short enough that they shouldn’t get too tired, but if you have to carry them it’s not even a mile long.  The trail has loads of083 markers – my three year-old and I enjoyed trying to find the next trail maker – then counting how long it took to get there.  We saw many flowers and butterflies along the trail too.  Be sure to pickup an interpretive pamphlet at the trailhead – there are 10 posts along the path with a small paragraph in the pamphlet explaining the flora and fauna you are encountering.

There is plenty of fresh water at the trailhead/campground and 22 picnic areas.  This could be a great afternoon outing and is just 1/2 mile off Interstate 90.

The Alkali Creek Nature Trail is located in the Fort Meade Recreation Area, almost 7,000 acres of public land.  The area extends from just south of I-90 at Exit 34 north to Bear Butte State Park.  This area is a beautiful part of the Black Hills that I think many people are unaware of – look at my Facebook Ft Mead Rec Area photo album to see more of the area.

About the author: Josh loves to take pictures and share them on his South Dakota and the Black Hills blogs.  Plus he enjoys traveling with his family any chance he gets.

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